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Graduate Research & Teaching Associate - (02514494)

Min Salary: $70000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time, Temp-Hire, Contract
Listed Date: 8/21/2017
Degree: Doctorate BioC
PhD Computational Biochemistry  2017
Published in Professional Journals

       2014 Second Place, Research Talk, Raymond N. Castle Student Research Conference

             Invited Talks

       2013 Guest Speaker, University of South Florida Chemistry Society, Tampa.
       2015 Florida Annual Meeting & Exposition, Tampa.
             TDP Activation in DXS: Insights into the Mechanism and Underlying Intermolecular Interactions
       2014 Florida Annual Meeting & Exposition, Tampa.
             Elucidating the TDP Mechanism in DXS: A QM/MM Study
       2014 12th Raymond N. Castle Student Research Conference, Tampa.
             QM and MM Strudy Reveals Aromaticity to be a Driving Force of DXS Activation
       2011 Florida Annual Meeting & Exposition, Tampa.
             The Off-Path Simulation Method: A New Technique that Mixes Chain-of-Replica Methods with Umbrella Sampling-like
       2013 Florida Annual Meeting & Exposition, Tampa.
             Using QM/MM Techniques to Probe the Activation of TDP in DXS
       2012 Florida Annual Meeting & Exposition, Tampa.
             QM/MM Investigation into the DXS Activation Mechanism: Identification of Residue Involved in Initial Deprotonation
       2011 9th Raymond N. Castle Student Research Conference, Tampa.

Goal oriented professional with strong analytical, problem solving and writing abilities.

Experienced in high performance statistical computing and modeling. 

Possess excellent public speaking and interpersonal skills.
Exhibits unique ability to transform technical information into creative and visually aesthetic artwork and presentations.

Demonstrates natural leadership through mentoring and guided research experience. 

Thrives in both collaborative and independent work environments. Composed under dynamic and high stress situations.
Excellent customer service experience. Excels in assimilating new information and integrating into previous knowledge base. 

Interested in many areas of research pertaining to various aspects of life. Flourishes in dynamic work environments managing information from various projects.
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