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Life Sciences Insurance - (01960883)

Min Salary: $125000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time, Contract
Listed Date: 12/2/2013
Degree: Bachelor PolS, Associate PolS
Recruited to develop a Life Science Direct Underwriting Program.
• Drafted guidelines for all areas of life science including clinical trials, pharmaceuticals,
biological products, medical devices, dietary supplements, and veterinary products.
• Program development discontinued due to restructure of senior management and resulting               shift in business objectives.

Underwriting Consulting Director (2009-2012)
Line Manager, Referral, and Subject Matter Expert for dietary supplement and OTC medicine businesses. Managed wholesaler relationships in the Northeast for all lines of Life Sciences.  Researched growth opportunities in various business segments.
• Developed the application, underwriting guidelines, guidance documents and webinar for the dietary supplement realm.
• Part of an interdepartmental team to researching E-Discovery education platforms for internal educational seminar. Represented Company at Corporate E-Discovery Forum (CEDF); a Fortune 500 think tank to managing complexities of electronic discovery.
• Solely responsible for gaining corporate membership and voting status in four major trade associations NPA, CRN, CHPA and ABC.  The only insurance representative to have voting privileges on the ComPli (Compliance) subcommittee.  The only invited insurance carrier representative to attend the Counsel for Responsible Nutrition C-Suite Members only Conference.
• Lectured before the Board of Directors of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) about the insurance industry’s perception of the dietary supplement realm; members include Pfizer, Cargill, DSM, Procter and Gamble and Novartis.
• Served as a international resource for all C.N.A. offices in the marketing, negotiating, and binding of Dietary Supplement coverage.
• Managed authority for 20 Advanced Medical Technology underwriters.
• Played a strategic role in improving company image in the wholesale broker market and with the insured, resulting in retention of business, increasing profits and profile within the broker market. Instrumental in retaining high profile insureds with revenues upward of 4B.
• Triggered a Canadian Government/US Trade Department debate involving Canadian regulatory inconsistency in licensure of Natural Health Products.
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